Thc Vape Cart Battery

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Thc vape carts are the best way to enjoy your favorite strains without having to deal with messy combustion. These are small devices that allow you to vaporize your herbs at home. There are many different types of thc vape carts available today, including dry herb, wax, oil cartridges, and others. Thc Vape Batteries Vaping […]

DMT Vape Pen Nexus

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The DMT Vape Pen Nexus is a device designed to deliver pure DMT without any adulterants. It was created by James Fadiman who is a researcher at UCLA’s Scripps Research Institute. He wanted to create a device that would allow users to experience the effects of DMT while being able to control the dosage. The […]

Micro dosing LSD Proven Safe in Landmark Trial

Despite its vast potential, LSD has been mostly off-limits to scientists for half a century, declared highly dangerous, even in small doses.  But a landmark placebo-controlled clinical trial found microdoses of LSD are physically safe, easing the drug’s path forward as a medicine.  Researchers in London with Eleusis, a private life-sciences company, asked 48 healthy, older adults without significant […]

Two Organizations Focused on Microdosing Research Announce Partnership

The world is wondering what to do with psilocybin, one of the most promising drugs in the world. Three cities — Denver, Oakland, and Santa Cruz — now allow citizens to grow and use psilocybin mushrooms without fear of city cops. Meanwhile, a handful of ambitious startups are quickly forming to study, package, and deliver […]

MDMA – Confessions of an Underground MDMA Therapist

We talked to a 79-year-old underground MDMA psychotherapist. Remaining anonymous, due to the illegality of this work, he shares some of his greatest insights from his many years of experience helping people with psychedelic therapy. Succeeding a twenty-year hiatus from MDMA therapy, he continues to provide this healing psychedelic work to individuals today.  The following […]